PIPS School System

It is important to provide children with the safest environment and the best education. Thus, selecting the best school for children is an important decision to be taken by parents. Choose wisely and make the right decision for your child!

PIPS School is located in the area of DHA, Islamabad. It’s 1st branch started imparting knowledge in Gujranwala in 1995. PIPS School provides modern facilities to the students, also recognized for academic excellence, identified among the top schools in the country based on academic performance, the number one and the best school in Islamabad.

To become one of the top schools in Islamabad, Pakistan, there must be something extra ordinary. The staff of the Junior Schools refresh their skills through workshops and special training modules while the students enrich their learning by participating in inter-house activities.

Although it is an English medium school, Pakistani culture is strongly valued. It is one of the most sought after schools in the country. Also recognized for academic excellence, PIPS School was identified among the top ten in the country and the best school in Islamabad based on it's academic performance.

Education is very important for males and females; an intellectual has called it the third eye. Schools and teachers should aim to play an important role in educating students polishing them academically, socially, physically to help them become a better citizen of this planet. Education is the fundamental right of every human being on this earth. We all should work collectivity to spread this beacon of light in each and every corner of the world.

Islamabad is a beautiful, well developed and well maintained city of Pakistan. We hope that we are providing education on equality basis because school’s environment and teachers play vital role in the social , moral and academic development of students.

The PIPS School also boasts one of the highest rates of acceptance into top tier universities and institutions within Pakistan.