Children Development

It is said that children are like sponges absorbing all knowledge imparted to them and they bring this vast untapped aptitude to school, so without a doubt the most essential learning takes place during these formative years of ages 3 to 15. Children develop in several different areas, from forming their first social contacts and making sense of what’s going on around them, to their individual skills and knowledge that are continuously being updated. It is in these stages that they require the specific tailored attention in school which caters to their unique fortes and interests. PIPS School System focuses on just that! Our academic strategy focuses on an informed understanding of the learning patterns of children. The learning of children is cultivated as such that with time the students start thinking independently and making wise informed decisions, which are thus continued in their lives ahead.In order that the students are presented with the best education possible, it is essential that the set academic curriculum caters to the strengths as well as the needs of the students, by offering numerous learning opportunities. PIPS School System branches, with their immense experience and innovative tutoring techniques, are experts in all these line of focuses. Keeping in mind the importance of the role of family and community in the healthy development of children; we also endorse that educationists, family and other responsible members of the community need to work together to encourage and build the children’s confidence to make learning both valuable and enjoyable.