PIPS School

Muhammad Umar Farooq

PIPS School System

Chairman's Message

PIPS School System firmly believes that education is that the basic right of all humans living in this world, notwithstanding their social background. An educated nation is consistent in its economic viability. Education additionally combats unemployment, confirms sound foundation of social equity, awareness, tolerance and spreads political, social and cultural vitality.

PIPS School System is committed to the reason behind educational excellence for over twenty years, and thousands of its alumni are serving at world famed institutions across the world. Our objective is innovatively developing our students to fulfill the ever growing competitive surroundings of life. Today’s learners in this world are extraordinarily fast-paced, perpetually ever-changing, more and more culturally various, technology driven and electronic media-saturated. Similarly, the educating patterns should innovatively maintain the pace; PIPS School academic ways adequately address these challenges.

Our curriculum is fastidiously devised and designated. The teachers' trainings and refreshers of teaching methodology is a continuous method to up on our extremely qualified and committed faculty with ever-changing education paradigms. PIPS School follows an associated Honour Code, and specializes in grooming every individual student to the most effective of his/her potential.

PIPS School System is pleased with the very fact that we create a motivating contribution for impartation quality education. We've invariably strived to produce an inexpensive academic platform to individuals of our country. We hope and want that our education system ought to produce responsible and enlightened citizens to align the nation with the world framework of economic and social prosperity.